Monday, February 14, 2011


No use for "Bleached Bone", "Skull White", "Codex Gray" and "Chaos Black" here. Only 3 primary, black and white can do everything better than 100'000 differents tonality.

Ah... 5/8 Genestealer are painted, finally. I still have 3 geno of the same brood in progress (0%...) and the two BroodLords still in construction. For thoses guy I'm doing some modification work, but very few, like increased armor and improved implant-head.

Over somes Genestealers the red-black texture continue even on the arm and legs (middle-left and low-right ones)

The carapax patter, as the head's stripes, is slightly different for every member of the brood, I like the low-left one, whit three stripes on the head and a linear red texture above.

3x Stripes on the head. <3 tentacles.

2x Stripes.

Others random shots:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

141 days after, Gaunt and Tyranids Warriors completed.

Numbers: 138 days of sleeping; 3 days of working; 9 models completed.

Orange, red, white. Simple, fast, satisfying. 
Posting a picture where you show how roughly (no highlights, not-finished surfaces, color stains) you painted a model is masochist, I think. But my goal is to complete an army good-looking on the battlefield table, not in a showcase.

Even if it's not the best CC set of wargears that they wear, of sure it's the coolest.

I like coerency in units, but I always put some uniques traits (posture, horns)  in the middle and big models.

Mom Tervigon has to work, 8 little borthers are coming soon.

Tired to "waste" an hour for every single model of a big swarm, now I paint them all togheter. I think they care more about each other if painted this way.

Ready to swarm, to spill blood for me once again. This time 100% smarter than the last.

For 10 points, a LurGant is the cutest thing u can afford. It worht them all.