Monday, February 14, 2011


No use for "Bleached Bone", "Skull White", "Codex Gray" and "Chaos Black" here. Only 3 primary, black and white can do everything better than 100'000 differents tonality.

Ah... 5/8 Genestealer are painted, finally. I still have 3 geno of the same brood in progress (0%...) and the two BroodLords still in construction. For thoses guy I'm doing some modification work, but very few, like increased armor and improved implant-head.

Over somes Genestealers the red-black texture continue even on the arm and legs (middle-left and low-right ones)

The carapax patter, as the head's stripes, is slightly different for every member of the brood, I like the low-left one, whit three stripes on the head and a linear red texture above.

3x Stripes on the head. <3 tentacles.

2x Stripes.

Others random shots:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

141 days after, Gaunt and Tyranids Warriors completed.

Numbers: 138 days of sleeping; 3 days of working; 9 models completed.

Orange, red, white. Simple, fast, satisfying. 
Posting a picture where you show how roughly (no highlights, not-finished surfaces, color stains) you painted a model is masochist, I think. But my goal is to complete an army good-looking on the battlefield table, not in a showcase.

Even if it's not the best CC set of wargears that they wear, of sure it's the coolest.

I like coerency in units, but I always put some uniques traits (posture, horns)  in the middle and big models.

Mom Tervigon has to work, 8 little borthers are coming soon.

Tired to "waste" an hour for every single model of a big swarm, now I paint them all togheter. I think they care more about each other if painted this way.

Ready to swarm, to spill blood for me once again. This time 100% smarter than the last.

For 10 points, a LurGant is the cutest thing u can afford. It worht them all.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Work in progress, Imperial Guards and gaunts

Command squad in snow-urban uniforms.
Vox and chainsword details
Fast painted gaunts, they need only an hand of white, until to come all like the last gaunt on right. It take 20-30 min paint a gaunt by this way, six of them will take no more of 2h to compete.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Incoming, squad 17, CrismonCry division

Cooming soon some new photos of my latest work: a command squad (composed by 5 guards took by the basic platoon) in urban-snow mimetics. They only need to be highlighted, but i'll post some photo of the wip tomorrow ot in two days.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lictor, repainted.

The work of repainting is done, now all the carapax is highlighted.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lictor, need some other work.

Following some advices online, I'm repainting the lictor's carapax, here some pictures:

The tone is tending to orange, while the highlights are oranges and yellows.
On the edge of the carapay I spread a little of gray and beige, only to break the monotony of black.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lictor, finally finished.

After something like a month of work, my lictor is finally finished. After painting and repainting, now I'm satisfated of every light and every shadow on my model; every tonality of red is the one I was searching for and every line on the carapax is exactly where I wanted to put it.

Every single part of the lictor is crossed by red stripes, except for tenacles and hands. 

Zebrine crimiso texture took lot of time and precision to paint them as I wished, not everytime painting on the irregular surfece of lictor's hide is easy. In the end, after more and more hands of diffetent colors, all the strips tooke the right tone.

Carapax has an orange tending tone, giving to the lictor a faster appearance than a simple red or a dark red.
From above, texture are continuos eve on the head and on the horn.

Initially the model had lot of modification, to appear like a DeathLeaper, like additional spines in the end of scythings talons and blades on the two inferiors elbows. Thoses modifications got broken because I was afraid to ruin the model so I only glued lighltly them. The only one remaining is the horn abouve the head, not present in the basic lictor model.

Hand have no texture, so the only red in them is given by talons.
Here some views of the lictor:

The base is nothing special, only a few detrites placed and painted as urban ground. It's my first try this kind of things, next models will have a more detailed bases.

I think this will become the color of all bases of my army, now composed by grass and sand or by black cinder...