Thursday, August 12, 2010

My old works, and my Work-In-Progress (Part 1: Tombs Kings)

Here some picture of the works I did before starting the blog:

First of all, Tombs Kings, lead by Khalida Neferher, my army is painted in red and gold, with lot of black and yellow-to-red shadings, but let's see:
Full wiew of my Khalida model, with golden serpents and a yellow (shading in red) cloak.

From behind, the mantle took to me lot of time to paint, but in my opinion the result is really nice.
Next one in the list, Tombs Guards (sorry if some names are wrongs, but I have the rulebook in a foregin language...).

Five of my Tombs Guards with erald.

Detail of the shield, painted to appear old and worn (the silver spot is where the paint went off, my fault...), it only took some washing in bronze mixed to black and an hand of gold repainting.
Last but not least, Ushabti,I have only two of them (they are really expensive) but I spent lot of efforts painting those guys.

Horus's Ushabta, notice the red finiture on the blade and the azure zaphire arround the neck.
Details of head and upper body, I really paid attention at the chest and arms, painted in a simple way so the model remain light  and not overdetailed, showing up the few curated details. 

Anubi's Ushabta, I painted nothing of particular on this model, so the scaring jackal face remain one of the firs thing that people see watching him.
Only white, brown and gold, this model is goodlooking in the sand and rock that compose most of Tombs Kings scenics.

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