Thursday, August 12, 2010

My old works, and my Work-In-Progress (Part 2: Tyranids)

The second branch of my army is composed of Tyranids forces, painted mainly as leviathan (white and purple),
but the trend is taking me to white and black, so the special models, like Zoantrophe and Carnifex have black carapace; agressive models like Ravener or warriors have dark-red or orange armor, and my Lictor (still W.I.P.) is blue-gray and red.

Carnifex, my loveable killing machine, can tank opener and fluffy puppy. The broken claw is not for the sake of realism, but because of an accident during transport...

Carnifex, lot of spines and extended maw gave to this model a scaring appearence and allert the sense of danger of every WH player; in fact, this model is a bait: it takes all the fire from the first turns, leaving others models (more importants) unharmed.
Of course it excell in ramming tanks and crushing things, so all the weight of the model is put forward, giving him a "ready to charge" pose.
Little body but great mind, Zoantrophe is one of my favourite models, for his strategic value and even for the charm that the miniature has:

Black and yellow like a wasp, Zoantrophe is a notable presence on the battlefield, his snarling face and the anilmal like coloration give to him an evil personality.
I like the way it simle... the only thing I regret is that it has no eye, so I can't paint inside them madness...

Ravener, fast, light and really angry. I like it more for the model than for his use in battle, and it has no specific role in my army. The dark red carapace show anger and bloodthirst, and give emphasis to the intense red claws,

My Ravener, with claw of a scarlet red and crimisi carapax.
Detail of carapax.
Only red and white, Ravener is not a complicate creature to paint, but the visual effect is great.

Le grand final, The Lictor (who I use in the place of Death Leaper), I spent a month on it and is not yet finished (pink on the left-upper arm will become red).It is my really best painted and better assembled soldier, capable of tear aparts veichles by itself and reach every tactics spot in the battleground, seeding fear and blood all arround the enemy lines.

This Lictor is still in progress, all the pink parts will become red in his zebra like pattern.
Eyes glow yellow, hiding a dark feral intelligence behind.
Mimetism is an opinion, I preferred a really personal model, sacrificing the chamaleon skin (it was my first project) for a black and red carapax, and a gray skin with crimiso zebrine texture.

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